05_iPhone_5.5_inch3-cropEver wonder about the likely transmission pathway of Zika Virus, or maybe about the symptoms of Brucellosis? Now you can easily look up this information and more in our new mobile app, the AZ Infectious Disease Resource (IDAZ). The official launch of the app coincides with our annual Arizona Infectious Disease Exercise and Training (July 26 through 28) and will be introduced during the Informatics breakout session. Our Office of Infectious Disease Services and our IT partners worked closely with MobileRoadie to develop this handy new app.

IDAZ is a one-stop shop for Arizona healthcare providers to receive health alerts, read news updates, and find contact information for our local health department partners and public clinics like federally qualified and rural health centers. It also has a comprehensive list of infectious diseases with descriptions about whether or not it’s something that we commonly see in Arizona, the most common transmission pathways, and whether a vaccine is available in the United States.

Our disease detectives in the Office of Infectious Disease Services are always adding new content to the app to make sure that everyone has access to the most up-to-date information about infectious diseases in our state. You can

download IDAZ today from the Apple App Store or Google Play Store today .

Congratulations to our IDAZ App Team for their first successful mobile app launch.