Lots of people know that our Office of Vital Records is the statewide data hub for birth certificates, but we’re also in charge of death certificates.  The program we use for death certificates is called the “Vital Statistics Information Management System”. The system used to be supported by a contractor in Utah, but no more.  We set a goal a couple of years ago to bring the system in-house, and we achieved our goal this month, as a result of careful planning and elbow grease.  For the past 5 months our IT and vital records teams have been testing and addressing several issues related to this migration. The extra time and effort IT staff have put in were certainly commendable & worthwhile especially for an application of this magnitude and technical challenges.

Thanks to our team members that made this happen including Raghu Ramaswamy, Mike Harris, Bianca Soto, Ellen Rayer, Mike Shaw, Michael Conklin, Dough Leach, Erik Kleist, Deborah Heemstra and James Reid. In addition, we also appreciate the support & contribution from the IT contractor Lee Collins, Gold Systems staff, Mark Wolinski (Accordex), & Bao Huynh (SSA).  Nice.  I love being in control of our own destiny.