MMIC only  webMercy Maricopa Integrated Care established a special hotline 1-800-203-CARE (2273) for the public after two unconnected shootings in the Valley.  People can also visit for resources. The Crisis Response System in Maricopa County is built to provide care to anyone whether they are in the public behavioral health system.  People who are emotionally affected and need help are encouraged to reach out.

Additionally, two mobile crisis teams were sent to the East Valley Institute of Technology (EVIT) where one of the shootings happened to meet with students. Crisis staff will continue to work with leaders at EVIT to meet the trauma needs of students and faculty.  Behavioral health providers will also be receiving a detailed crisis response plan for members.

Mercy Maricopa took over the behavioral health system in Maricopa County almost one year ago.  Since then it has worked to ensure clients have both mental health and acute care health care when they need it.