A couple years ago, the legislature passed a bill to allow people to make certain foods at home and sell them to the public.  The food has to be a low-risk for food-borne diseases, but there’s lots of options.  The program is a great success – we have more than 1,700 people registered for the program right now.
Bakers who want to sell their products from their home register for their certificate on our website. All they need is a food handlers’ card (if required by their county), a product they want to sell, and some elbow grease. Once they’re registered and have their certificate, they can sell their goods in a variety of shops and markets. We even made a 6 minute video to walk folks through the basics of the new program including showing home-based bakers at work.
We’ve even been able to work with the Arizona Developmental Disabilities Planning Council for grants.  You can read about how one of those grants is helping a young man create his own business.