PThe Bureau of Emergency Medical Services (EMS) and Trauma System  recently surveyed nearly 200 EMS agencies across the state to determine (1) whether they had or intended to begin a community paramedicine program, (2) if so, which medical conditions they intend to focus on and (3) what type of services they intend to provide.

The data is still being collected, but with 30 percent of the responses in, we can give a brief snapshot — 39 Community Paramedicine programs are in the planning/development, pilot or operational stage.  The clinical conditions most targeted are chronic conditions like congestive heart failure, cardiovascular and respiratory disease or sepsis prevention, and wound and injury care.  Services that are most likely to be provided include medication reconciliation, patient education, welfare visits, home hazard checks, post hospital discharge follow-up, community services referral and identifying alternative treatment destinations.

We will be posting the survey results on our website soon.