We are continuing our support of Arizona EMS agencies’ community paramedicine activities by posting a new Community Paramedicine Crosswalk on the Bureau of EMS and Trauma System webpage. The Community Paramedicine Crosswalk serves as a one-stop interactive resource that enables EMS agencies and county health departments to communicate and collaborate on sharing limited resources in managing public health problems. Hyperlinks in the crosswalk enable EMS agencies statewide and county health departments to compare their respective health priorities.

In March 2015 we surveyed Arizona EMS agencies on community paramedicine. The Community Paramedicine Survey Results were published to facilitate inter-agency information sharing, and were used to create the Community Paramedicine Crosswalk. The crosswalk matches EMS agencies and community paramedicine programs’ health priorities, and health priorities that are identified in Community Health Assessments and Community Health Improvement Plans of the 15 Arizona county health departments.