Our ADHS Communities Putting Prevention to Work Program was highlighted at a national CDC conference this month with over 1,000 attendees from states, territories, communities and tribes.  Our team presented on the Arizona Baby Steps for Breastfeeding Success that’s working with 31 Arizona Perinatal Trust certified hospitals to develop institutional changes in maternity care practices and increase breastfeeding initiation and duration.  The CDC also highlighted our progressive Childcare Center Rules and our Empower Program that support and facilitate healthy eating and promote physical activity for more than 230,000 kids in AZ.

At the closing plenary session, CDC showcased the Arizona School Health Advisory Video, the only video shown during any plenary session!  If you haven’t had a chance to view the video, take 4 minutes today to see how Arizona schools are working to improve the nutrition at school meals and increase physical activity during the school day. CDC has nominated Arizona as a high-performing state for these initiatives. Our team is making great strides to combat obesity by creating policies and environments that make the healthy choice the easy choice. Well Done!