One of public health’s major partnerships is with practicing clinicians. In any threat to the public’s health – be it environmental, nuclear, infectious, chronic or substance-related – clinicians work with health departments to recognize and respond appropriately. Now it is easier than ever for them to find public health resources and guidelines in Arizona.

On our homepage, practitioners can choose Clinicians from the Audiences menu to find content directed to them. From there they can access the latest Clinical Guidelines for Zika, tuberculosis or even fluoride treatments. There is a link to disease reporting and one for our Health Alert Network and Infectious Disease app. There is even a page where they can direct patients to find Arizona clinical services ranging from vaccine clinics to cancer screening locations.

This multistage update was the result of collaboration between several ADHS offices, bureaus and departments, each providing their key messages and resources for providers. If there’s something you would like to see available from your office for Arizona clinicians, send us an email, or call us at (602) 542-1025.