I’m happy to announce that we rolled out our state-of-the-art Arizona Clinician Website this week.  The site provides a one-stop-shop for Arizona clinicians.  The new Clinician Website is designed specifically for clinicians, so they can go to one website and access information directly from the site.  

With our old system, if a physician wanted to know our clinical recommendations for Rocky Mountain Spotted Fever (for example), they’d have to know that they would be in our vector borne and zoonotic diseases program, in our Office of Infectious Disease Services, which is in the Bureau of Epidemiology and Disease Control.  

You get the point- sometimes specific resources are difficult to find. This new site provides a one-stop-shop for links to public health resources, clinical guidelines and recommendations, resources for providers offices, links to reporting, and important updates and news. It also provides links to licensing requirements, and has a variety of resources that are available to their patients including important phone numbers such as the AZ Smokers Helpline.  

This project involved the entire agency, with input and ideas coming from almost every program- with our Chief Medical Officer- Cara Christ MD calling the signals.  Thanks!