Many of our Stakeholders and the folks that we serve have asked about how Arizona and Federal laws affect the kinds of services that the ADHS provides.  The answer is (of course) “it depends.”  It depends on what kind of benefit or service you’re talking about.  Tom Salow, Lynn Golder and others have put together a fact sheet on our website that answers some of the key questions.

 You can visit our Frequently Asked Questions about Citizenship & Legal Status Eligibility Requirements for Public Benefits document on our legislative services web page to answer these questions.  But remember…  the fact sheet provides general answers to citizenship and eligibility questions.  It’s not legal advice and it doesn’t provide definitive statements of law.  Please let Tom Salow know as questions arise that aren’t addressed in the fact sheet so we can add to the FAQ. Also, our Division of Behavioral Health Services posted behavioral health specific guidelines regarding screening for and verifying citizenship and reporting violations at: