The Arizona Chapter of the American Academy of Pediatrics recently updated their collection of hands-on tools that can be easily integrated into clinical practice. The tools are designed to help clinicians to incorporate clinical evidence-based recommendations for obesity prevention, assessment, treatment and referral into their practice. They’ve included a document that can be folded to pocket-size identifying appropriate lab assessments, tips on motivational interviewing, and more. 

The kits provide best-practices that will reinforce the messaging during well care exams around: 1) eating 5 servings of fruit and veggies a day; 2) limiting screen time to 2 hours or less a day; 3) being active at least 1 hour a day; and 4) limiting sugar sweetened beverages to near 0 a day. The tools were created at the request of AzAAP members BY AzAAP members. They can be found at