With all the things that have been going on I somehow neglected to write about Women’s Health Week – which was a couple of weeks ago.  The theme this year is “It’s Your Time” and serves to remind women to take time out to take care of themselves.   Women in all parts of the world have primary influence on the health of their families, as they tend to coordinate family wellness and family health care.  They often model health behaviors by insisting on healthy meals and by getting family members engaged in different fun activities that promote physical activity.

Women’s Health Week provides an opportunity for women to make their own health a top priority and encourages them to take steps to improve their physical and mental health. Our Women’s and Children’s Health team partnered with the Arizona Department of Administration to launch the second annual Women’s Health Week celebration at the Capitol building.  Women and men from more than 30 state agencies/offices received health screenings on Monday and Tuesday and visited 21 exhibits to receive information/resources for improving their health.  Two vendors offered the special treat of free chair massages – a much appreciated stress reliever.  In addition, presentations were held on Body Image and Physical Activity, Women’s Mental Health, and Fit Bones for Life.  The P.E.A.C.E Project, a youth performing troupe that promotes healthy relationships and sexual assault prevention provided a memorable performance on Thursday.  Kudos to Angie Lorenzo and the planning committee members for making this event even more successful this year.  To learn more about Women’s Health Week and learn more about what women can do to improve their physical and mental health, visit the National Women’s Health website .