CarSeatExchange4This week we took a huge step forward in our efforts to keep kids safe on both sides of the border.  Rural Metro was helping us transport child car seats to Mexico as part of our commitment to A Safe Ride Home.  Last year during the Arizona Mexico Commission’s summer plenary session, we signed an agreement with Sonora to work to help all kids be safer in cars.

While we focused in Arizona on messaging to ensure that parents have the right seat for the child and that it’s facing the right way, we worked with Univision, Rural Metro and Courtesy Chevrolet to gather gently used car seats to give to Sonora.  We learned that fewer than 20% of babies in Sonora go home from the hospital in a child seat…and the seats are pretty expensive there.  We collected almost 250 seats from people all around the state, but after checking to make sure they were still safe to use, we sent 140 seats to the Arizona border.

You can continue to donate car seats and, most importantly, make sure your kids are safe in the car.