Believe it or not only 27% of health care workers are up to date with their whooping cough booster… yet health care personnel can be infected with it by their patients, and then pass it on to other patients, family, and the community.  The Arizona Partnership Against Pertussis, a coalition of seventeen health care organizations spearheaded by the March of Dimes, is leading a campaign to challenge health care facilities to achieve 100% pertussis immunization rate among their staff. 

Organizations that get to 100% will receive a Certificate of Participation, be recognized on their webpage, and be entered into a random drawing to receive an iPad or one of five $100 gift cards.  If an organization’s staff is already 100% immunized, the organization can still participate in the contest and promote 100% pertussis-free work places by filling out and submitting the form to certify that their organization has achieved 100% pertussis immunization rate.   

Health care personnel have a responsibility to protect their patients as well as themselves.  It’s not too late to participate in the contest.  Even if your organization doesn’t participate in the contest, be sure to encourage every health care worker to receive a Tdap vaccine.