We updated our home page this week and added an information hub for behavioral health.  The information at this site will be regularly updated in the coming weeks as we begin to implement behavioral health service reductions for folks that don’t qualify for benefits under AHCCCS.

Our commitment is to continually share updated information with you including through the use of a dedicated Web site, frequent emails, and numerous community meetings around the state. We want to make sure we hear and properly address people’s questions and concerns, while we continue to focus on providing high quality care.  Responsibly implementing these service transitions are a top priority for the department and for me personally.

The main changes to the system in the coming months will be: 1) Changes to the covered benefits for adults with serious mental illness who do not qualify for Medicaid (AHCCCS); 2) Ensuring that we have a comprehensive and effective statewide crisis system for anyone experiencing a behavioral health crisis; and 3) Clarifying the benefits related to supported housing for adults with serious mental illness.  We understand how important any decisions made in these 3 service areas are, and all of these decisions must be carefully and thoughtfully considered.

We’ve asked our behavioral health authorities to turn in a transition plan for the benefit changes for folks that don’t qualify for Medicaid and how they plan to ensure a functional crisis system.  We have received some of these plans already and will be getting the rest shortly; at that point we will review and either approve their transition plans or ask for some changes.