Our 2010 Annual Behavioral Health Consumer Survey results are in, and the outcomes are encouraging!  Each year, we conduct 2 surveys based on the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration’s (SAMHSA) Mental Health Statistics Improvement Program (MHSIP) consumer surveys: They are the Adult Consumer Survey and the Youth Services for Families.

The surveys request feedback from folks regarding General Satisfaction, Access to Services, Service Quality/Appropriateness, Participation in Treatment, Outcomes, Cultural Sensitivity, Improved Functioning, and Social Connectedness. This year’s aggregate results found that:

  1. All adult and youth domains showed improvement from 2009;
  2. Three adult domains (General Satisfaction, Participation in Treatment Planning and Service Quality and Appropriateness) scored over 85%;
  3. Four youth domains (General SatisfactionParticipation in Treatment Planning, Cultural Sensitivity and Social Connectedness) scored over 85%; and
  4. The youth results were at the highest that they have been since beginning the survey.

Consumer survey results found an 11% increase in Social Connectedness (Adult Survey), and a 7% increase in Services Access over last year. Nothing decreased from 2009 to 2010.  We’ll be working with our contractors to put together initiatives to continue to improving the scores.  Check out the full report!