Our Office of Behavioral Health Licensing website has a brand-new look.  Check out their new landing page.  Everyone can now enjoy an updated and easy to use web format. The new site includes easy access to AZ Care Check (where the user can get up to date survey and enforcement results for a 3 year history)…  and you’re one click away from being able to access the on-line complaint system where the user can file a complaint to any of the Departments licensing Programs 24/7. 

Our Licensees can get the latest information of rules, statues and other important information for them. Prospective licensees can find important information on how to apply for a license, needed forms and other pertinent information. The public also has available, in an easy to follow format, information they may want to know about our team and the facilities we license. Their newsletters are now available on line as is information concerning emergency preparedness.