Students can’t be academically successful when they’re battling anxiety, depression, substance abuse and other common conditions.  Nearly 50% of lifetime mental disorders begin by the mid-teens.  That’s why we’ve launched a partnership with Kognito Interactive to educate middle and high-school teachers how to recognize signs of depression and other mental health disorders that have the potential to lead to low academic achievement, violence or even suicide. At Risk for Middle School Educators and At Risk for High School Teachers are hour-long, avatar-based online training programs where teachers, administrators and staff learn to recognize and help when a student’s behavior and appearance may be a sign of psychological distress, such as depression, anxiety or substance abuse. 

When equipped with the appropriate knowledge on how to handle sensitive situations, teachers and staff have a better chance of success in connecting the student with help.  At-Risk simulations are the first online trainings available to provide realistic and risk-free role-play exercises in identifying, speaking with, and referring troubled youth.  Developed with input from teachers and some of the country’s leading authorities on youth suicide prevention, At-Risk helps connect students to treatment early on- which is critical to improving mental health outcomes. 

This professional development opportunity is free and available to high schools and middle schools in Arizona.  It only takes an hour to complete, doesn’t need to take away from class time, and comes with a certificate of completion.  It can also be paused and restarted without having to start from the beginning.  To take the training…  sign in at the following links for Middle School and High School.