Last year we created Arizona’s Excellence in Pre-hospital Injury Care project- which is aimed at improving brain injury outcomes in AZ. The National Institutes of Health chose AZ as the only state to evaluate the national standards for pre-hospital emergency care of brain injury.  Since we got started about a year ago- we’ve recruited almost 100 fire departments and ground/air ambulance companies to get up to speed on the standards, covering more than 80% of the state’s population.  This project will save countless lives by improving the survival rates of folks with traumatic brain injury by implementing pre-hospital guidelines…  but it’ll also help folks recover more fully from brain trauma.  

Adding to the mix…  Banner Health opened their state-of-the-art Concussion Center this week, bringing together key tools for providing more comprehensive concussion prevention and care in AZ.  This brand-new resource will help prevent concussions, improve awareness and education, provide baseline and post injury testing, as well as adding a new community resource for concussion management and treatment.