IMG_0164Governor Ducey proclaimed this week (June 12-17) as Monsoon Awareness Week in Arizona. While we haven’t yet been hit by the rain we expect during monsoon, we’re anticipating another summer of severe weather. Monsoons in Arizona can be associated with extreme heat, thunderstorms, dust storms, flash floods and wildfires. For public health, this means revisiting our preparedness plans and ramping up our efforts to respond to health effects of these weather-related events.

This is a good time to consider how you and your family can stay healthy when monsoon hits . Do you know what to do when it’s extremely hot outside? Staying cool, staying hydrated, and staying informed will help. Are you prepared for a wildfire in your community? We have resources you can use to protect yourself and your family during a wildfire and to stay healthy when you return home. While it seems dry now, heavy rainfall has caused flooding in recent years throughout the state, so it’s a good idea to review flood safety resources. And of course, with flooding comes an increase in mosquito activity. Protecting your family from mosquito bites by stopping mosquitos from breeding in and around your home will keep you safe from the dangerous diseases these pesky creatures can spread. You can visit the Arizona Emergency Information Network for details on how you and your family can get prepared for any disaster or emergency event.