PArizona’s Paramedic training programs are taught by a combination of colleges, private training centers, and fire departments.  A typical Paramedic course is over 1,000 hours of class room, hospital and ambulance time covering anatomy, physiology, pathophysiology, pharmacology, terminology, and hours and hours of assessment and proficiency tests on a multitude of skills.

To become certified as a Paramedic in Arizona, a student needs to pass a national certification exam.  The written and practical test assesses comprehension and performance of the course material.  In 2014, 95% of the students that took the national certification exam passed (327/345).  That’s an improvement from 2013 when the Arizona pass rate was 89%…and a testament to Arizona’s Emergency Medical Services (EMS) training programs.  The national pass rate has remained steady at 86% for the past two years.  Great Job, Arizona EMS Training Programs.