I’m happy to share our new Arizona Chronic Disease Strategic Plan.  This past year, our team from the Bureau of Tobacco & Chronic Disease worked with community partners from across the state on a new guiding document for chronic disease prevention and health promotion.  This strategic plan will be used by ADHS, county health departments, and community partners to advance chronic disease policies, systems and environmental change in the areas of where we work, live, learn, and get care.  At the same time, this plan will also help align activities around the CDC’s Chronic Disease Prevention and Health Promotion Four Domains.  

Funded through the CDC Coordinated Chronic Disease Program– the new plan identifies ways in which our partners can maximize the impact in the areas of heart disease, cancer, diabetes, obesity and tobacco.  The strategic plan includes a matrix of evidence-based strategies which can be used by the public health community..  and it provides clear direction for advancing nationally recognized recommended or promising evidence-based practices.  Congratulations and thank you to the many community partners and health department staff who contributed to the development of new plan.