FB_Image15Between April and September, the Arizona WIC Program‘s outreach efforts included a new project to increase awareness of the WIC Program and increase participation among eligible women, infants, and children. The project has been a success with an increase of more than 10,000 participants a month. In September, more than 153,000 individuals received WIC services provided by 21 local agencies throughout the state.

The project included a new mobile-friendly website at www.azwic.gov; an updated “Find a Clinic” app; messages placed in grocery stores, laundromats, on radio, and in online ads, along with a new Food List, Identification Folder, Outreach Flyers, and Social Media. Local agencies also enhanced outreach efforts including special activities to retain children in the WIC Program.

Based on extensive research with WIC moms, the campaign theme of “You do a lot. We help a little” encourages moms to visit AZWIC.gov to find out if they are eligible for WIC services. The outcomes for the project have been impressive with more than nine million media impressions and an increase in web visitors to more than 84,000 between the launch of the project in April and the end of September. Nearly all of these visitors (85%) were women and most (56%) were young women ages 18-34. The WIC outreach project will continue in Federal Fiscal Year 2016.