ASH Administration buildingOur state hospital team has really been working hard over the past few months! In May of 2015, the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services completed an inspection of the hospital and provided us with a report of their findings. With a new leadership team in place, they’ve been busy putting together a plan of action to address and improve all of the areas identified in the CMS report. The team included people from all parts of the hospital, as well as the rest of the agency, working together to create new plans, policies and trainings with everyone spending long nights and weekends to ensure everything was addressed.  Last week, they were notified that their plan had been accepted by CMS – way to go, team!

This plan makes major updates to our quality assurance and performance improvement areas, provides increased staffing, training, and resources, and brings more information/data to our staff and the governing body so that we can provide excellent patient care. You can read more about the hospital’s plan of correction and specifics about the plan in our news release.

Our plan moving forward is clear; do the right thing for our patients and staff and provide a safe and therapeutic environment. I see this renewed mindset at the hospital every time I am there. Whether you walk past our music therapists playing in the halls or witness a patient working through their recovery, you can’t help but see how our team is truly committed to the work they do. I am so grateful for the service you provide and I know our patients are, too. There has been a lot of positive work done by many people and we have received a lot of good feedback on our changes. Keep up the great work!!