ash-012rsThis past June, we released a Request for Information (“RFI”) seeking feedback on opportunities for public-private partnerships at the Arizona State Hospital to create a Center of Psychiatric Excellence. Through this vision, we are looking for innovative opportunities for public-private partnerships to utilize available property and/or buildings located on the ASH campus  to enhance and improve the behavioral health services available to the community.

We are looking to offer the entire continuum of services in one location and ultimately be a training site to assist with developing more behavioral health professionals in Arizona. Possible ideas for this public-private partnership could include outpatient integrated behavioral health services; medical office space; urgent psychiatric services; observation and stabilization (24 hr. holds); free standing psychiatric emergency room; adult inpatient acute psychiatric services (short-stay); residential treatment center; jail diversion; and other pediatric/adolescent services.

The RFI closed on July 29 and we received a total of 18 responses and continue to hear from interested parties. As leadership was determining the next steps for our exciting opportunity, we were informed that the project needed to be evaluated by the State’s Bond Council because the land and buildings at the state hospital were used as collateral in a state-wide financing deal back in 2008.

After working closely with the Arizona Department of Administration, the Arizona Attorney General’s Office and subject matter experts over the past few months, we were finally given the green light to proceed with our project. The department will begin developing the vision and starting the next steps in the process. Our procurement office will be notifying all of our stakeholders that the process will continue, and they should expect to hear more about next steps in the coming month! If you are interested in finding out more about this unique opportunity, please check out our procurement website for more information.