The Arizona Mexico Commission was started by then Arizona Governor Paul Fannin in 1959 to improve partnering between Arizona and Sonora in a wide range of areas.  It’s evolved over the years to become a premiere and unique cross-border nonprofit organization whose mission is to improve the well-being and quality of life for residents of Arizona by promoting a strong, cooperative relationship with Mexico and Latin America through advocacy, trade, networking and information.  The Commission has 14 bi-national committees that act as industry and community advocates in partnership with the Commission Sonora-Arizona (from Sonora, Mexico) to facilitate cross-border trade, business and community networking and binational information sharing.  Our link is through the Health Services Committee. 

This week we kicked off this year’s plenary session called: Arizona & Sonora: Gateway for Innovation.  The three-day conference is an opportunity for attendees to get more involved and maximize their exposure to the bi-national agenda supported by both states.  The health committee will be discussing regional approaches to valley fever surveillance, burn patient infrastructure, substance abuse, TB, border first aid services and Sonora’s upcoming efforts to provide licensing and quality assurance services for assisted living in Sonora (and how we can partner with them as they set up their program).