CaptureSince February, public health, health care, and vector control partners have been working together to prepare for and protect Arizona communities against Zika virus. One of our recent accomplishments was the Arizona Zika Action Plan Summit, held on May 24th, 2016.

The summit aimed to share our current knowledge about Zika virus and provide a forum for coordinated, statewide planning for Zika virus preparedness and response. Partners from across the state and from an array of professional disciplines discussed Zika virus surveillance, vector control, laboratory testing, patient counseling and provider communication. You can watch the recorded sessions from the summit to learn more about Zika virus and how Arizona is prepared to respond to this emerging mosquito-borne disease.

Arizona maintains situational awareness on national and international Zika virus news so we can share the most updated guidance with partners and best coordinate response efforts.

Our Zika virus website contains information and resources for the public, public health, and health care providers . Public health has developed a Statewide Arboviral Response Handbook and Zika Virus Testing Algorithms for Health Care Providers, which guide many of our activities.

Our Arizona State Laboratory was also one of the first in the United States to have the capacity to test for Zika, and has tested over 200 samples for the virus. Currently, Arizona has 25 confirmed travel-associated cases of Zika virus. Arizona has celebrated numerous successes, and we continue our efforts to “Fight the Bite”.