The ADHS Arizona Cancer Registry is a population-based surveillance system that collects, manages and analyzes information on the incidence, survival and mortality of persons having been diagnosed with cancer. We began collecting cancer case information in 1981.  The Registry has data available describing cancer in Arizona using a variety of descriptors, including site of origin, age, gender, race, ethnicity, geographic area, and year of diagnosis.  Strict confidentiality safeguards require that data be reported only in aggregate; no individual can be identified from a data.

A few years ago, we calculated cancer rates etc. on a county by county level- but didn’t have any pre-calculated analyses on a smaller scale.  This led to numerous requests for special analyses for smaller areas (with perceived “cancer clusters”) creating lots of extra work.  So, we revamped the program and created 126 pre-designated Community Health Analysis Areas (CHAAs) so that we can track rates over time and have more resolution with the rates.  You can see more in our CHAA Q & A fact sheet.  Using these CHAAs, we can map cancer rates over time in smaller areas.  If you’re interested, you can check out our 2001-2004 Cancer Incidence Reports on our Vital Statistics website.