EOne of our top Strategic Map objectives is to improve access to our services by leveraging technology. We took a great leap forward in that area when our new On-Line EMCT Certification went live this week.  The new electronic certification system allows Arizona’s 10,000 Emergency Medical Technicians and Paramedics to apply for and renew their certificate on-line.  We’ll continue to process paper applications until October 1…  but after that, our plans are to completely shift to the new electronic certification platform.

The new system also has a feature to check the credentialing status.  Folks can check on an EMT or Paramedic’s certification number, status and level, the dates of issuance and expiration, plus any disciplinary action taken by us in the prior 5 years.  The info can be downloaded to a printable version to verify certification status and history in real-time.

This is a great example of how we can use technology to improve our service to the community.  It’ll make the certification process easier for all of our EMS providers and save time for our team.  The new Bureau of EMS and Trauma System database and electronic certification platform can be accessed by clicking the On-Line Services button on the left side of the home web page.

This was a big project that we developed internally.  A big thanks go out to Ron Anderson and the Certification staff – Lynn Snyder, Maria Dominguez, Linda Tapia and Sandy Hoaglin – who worked closely with our IT team – Raghuraman Ramaswamy, Mohibul Khan and Narayan Konanki for over 2 years to develop the web application, train the provider community, and launch the website.  Well done!