Our SHARE program recognizes HEART Safe workplaces around Arizona.  The HEART Safe designation is awarded to schools, places of worship, non-profit agencies and businesses.  It’s not easy to earn the status – it requires implementation of policies and procedures, training staff in how to use a defibrillator and they need to be registered, serviced and maintained.

We haven’t recognized ourselves as a HEART Safe workplace…  but we’re going to change that.  Coming soon, you’ll be hearing about training opportunities for you and your staff.  The classes will help you become familiar with the equipment that is nearest your workspace.  In order to train as many staff as possible without disrupting customer service and business operations, trainings will be offered at a variety of days and times throughout the next couple months.  Agency Workforce Development and I will be in contact to create the rosters for the training in your areas.

Also…  check out this great news story that highlights the success of our CPR dispatch training initiative.  It’s just a few minutes and its inspiring.