ASH recheckLast week the ASH Pharmacy began having problems with the computer system that the medical staff use to order prescriptions for patients.  Orders weren’t consistently showing up on the pharmacy computer screen or printing out.  We implemented our back-up system right away, but the temporary work-around was time consuming.  Our Information Technology team made this their highest priority to figure out what was wrong and fix it.

Our I.T. team and our vendor (Netsmart) found a creative solution and the the system is up and running again.  A million thanks go out to Raghu Ramaswamy, Chris Long, Robert Cooprider, Nita Surathu, Desi Grosso, Daryl Hall, Eric Hill, Chris Peak, Dave Gilbert, Janet Slawinski, Paula Mattingly for the creative technology solution and the Hospital leadership team; our pharmacy team (especially Brianna Englett) for their diligence in working out the emergency back-up process to ensure patient safety; and our nursing and medical staff for ensuring that patient safety was priority #1.