Right after the Tucson disaster, our team of behavioral health professionals started working on a decision tool to help folks better identify when and how to seek help.  We launched our decision tool this week.

Most people with mental illness aren’t violent and most people who are violent don’t have a mental illness- but there are risk factors that can bring out violent behavior in anybody. Some of those things are substance abuse or maybe they are having hallucinations, losing touch with reality.  Identifying those factors and determining the level of threat someone has to him/herself or others can be difficult, and the goal of our tool is to help people through that process.

Whether it’s a family member, coworker, classmate or neighbor you will probably be able to spot when something is a bit off. There are many things you can do early on when the signs and symptoms become evident but not quite severe enough to need the intervention of the police department or calling a crisis line, but it can be hard to know who to call for help.

The new tool is designed to help folks decide what do when they’re concerned about someone’s mental health (including their own).  The tool also includes resources and peer support groups that can help intervene.  Check out the new tool and put in your Favorites for safe keeping.