ADHS joined the Wi-Fi Club …  with I.T. installing 9 Wi-Fi hotspots in various conference rooms- with a few more to come.  The “hotspots” provide wireless Internet connectivity for up to 10 devices per conference room.  The password will be posted in each conference room where it’s available.  Here’s the list of conference rooms that have Wi-Fi hotspots (so far)… Building 150: (115B, 215A, 345A, 4th Floor Training Room, Director’s Conference Room); Building 1740: 101A, 204, 309, and 406).  I.T. is working on installing hotspots in a few more places like 540A and in the Lab Igloo…  and evaluating how and what to do at the Hospital.  Thanks go out to Calvin Hamilton, Danny Simpson, Fred Fischer, Yvonne Harbaugh, Fernando Ortega, Dave Gilbert, and Paula Mattingly for making this a reality.