Last week we hosted a Zika Capability Assessment Workshop that was attended by more than 100 tribal, county, state, and federal partners as part of the Arizona Zika-preparedness collaborative. Attendees worked together to identify current response activities, document plans for future efforts, and identify areas for improvement.

The workshop included presentations on the history of Zika virus, current Zika response activities in Arizona, and a presentation by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention on their emergency response teams. This workshop also served as a forum for partners to identify opportunities for resource sharing among jurisdictions. Overall, the workshop served to enhance Zika preparedness in individual jurisdictions and for Arizona as a whole.

With continued joint efforts, Arizona can be prepared to meet emerging public health threats, such as Zika virus, and protect the health of all Arizonans. Special thanks to the CDC and the numerous tribal, county, and state partners who took time to engage in this collaborative learning process and made the day a success. Visit our website to learn more about Zika.