Did you know that we issue nearly 20,000 licenses every year- on everything from hospitals to childcare centers, midwives, trauma centers and sanitarians?  We’re required to have meet certain time-frames for each license or approval the Department issues- and we issue a lot of licenses.  If we don’t process the license within the timeframe, we’re required to return any application or license fee.  We’re also required to complete a report every year that summarizes our performance.  Most of our licenses are issued by our Assurance and Licensure Division- but we issue plenty of others in our laboratory licensing program, EMS, and in environmental health.


We did fantastic during FY ’10- we hit the mark on 99.6% (19,275/19,467) of all of our licenses. The full report is on our Administrative Rules Homepage.  Remember- you did this in the midst of the biggest budget crisis in the state’s history and despite all of our budget reductions. Sweet job.