The Arizona Biomedical Research Commission was created several years ago as a mechanism to fund biomedical research in Arizona.  Core projects include research that digs into the causes, the epidemiology and diagnosis, the formulation of cures, the medically accepted treatment or the prevention of diseases, including new drug discovery and development.  Funding comes from tobacco and lottery money. 

The Commission became a part of ADHS on July 1, 2011… and since then, we’ve been working to ensure that it’s financially sustainable, operating effectively, and is strategic about its future investments in research.  We just reached a milestone on the strategic part last week, when the Commissioners met and developed a draft Strategic Map to help guide the future of the Commission.

The  Commissioners and Executive Director (Tracey Sotelo) felt that a strategic map would assist the ABRC in setting priorities and mechanisms for awarding monies to deserving applicants.  I’d talked with the Commission during earlier meetings and had expressed my vision for the future of the ABRC, and I think the draft strategic map has captured our shared vision and mission.  The mission statement is “Identify and support innovative biomedical research to improve the health of all Arizonans”.  Primary tasks include identifying, funding and supporting biomedical research, maximizing collaborations and communications to build a strong Arizona presence, and establishing the Commission infrastructure to maximize the ADHS partnership.  Once finalized through a vote at the next public meeting, the map can then be deployed.

This was a classic case of community partnership and bringing diverse stakeholders together for a common cause.  Thanks go out to Tracey Sotelo, and the ABRC Commissioners for their active and helpful participation in getting a draft map put together.