9345_loresImmunization gives parents the safe, proven power to protect their children from 14 serious and potentially deadly diseases before they turn two years old.

To celebrate the importance of immunizations for a healthy start and throughout our lives, and to make sure children are protected with all the vaccines they need, we continue to join with partners nationwide in recognizing August as National Immunization Awareness Month. This week, we focus specifically on protecting babies and young children from dangerous diseases through immunization.

Today’s childhood vaccines protect against serious and potentially life-threatening diseases, including polio, measles, whooping cough, and chickenpox. There are many important reasons to make sure your child is vaccinated:

  • Immunizations can protect your child from 14 serious diseases before they turn two years old
  • Vaccination is very safe and effective
  • Immunizations can protect others you care about
  • Immunization can save your family time and money
  • Immunization protects future generations by reducing the prevalence of serious diseases

When children are not vaccinated, they are at increased risk of catching diseases and spreading them to others in their family and community – including babies who are too young to be fully vaccinated, and people with weakened immune systems due to cancer and other health conditions. Talk to your doctor or other healthcare professional to make sure your child is up to date on all the vaccines he or she needs.