Can you picture 6.4 trillion calories? That’s the number of fewer calories sold by 16 major food companies in the last 5 years.  The companies include names like Campbell’s Soup and the Coca-Cola Company. All are part of the Healthy Weight Commitment Foundation and have pledged to remove calories from their products as a public health intervention. 

A study published last week found that the Healthy Weight Commitment Foundation companies beat their pledged calorie reduction goal by 400% over the last 5 years.   This decrease translates to a reduction of 78 calories per person per day in the U.S.  Since the obesity epidemic is thought to be a result of just an extra 150 calories a day per person- this news shows we’re heading in the right direction. This study also shows how important the food industry is as a partner in our work to decrease the burden of obesity. 

Check out just some of the actions we’re taking to decrease obesity as part of our Strategic Plan to impact “Winnable Battles” here in Arizona.