The Office of Infectious Disease concluded its 5th annual Healthy Swimming Poster Contest. This year we had 60 healthy swimming posters submitted from kids all across Arizona.  All posters submitted suggested ways to swim healthy and avoid getting a recreational water illness. Examples of these messages include:

·       Never swim when sick, especially with diarrhea

·       Keep pee and poop out of the water

·       Wash your body before entering the water

·       Keep all recreational water out of your mouth

With so many amazing entries, it was a real challenge to pick a winner.  We would like to congratulate Robbie B., age 9, from Maricopa County on being this year’s overall winner.  Honorable Mention winners include Erika V., age 10, from Maricopa County and Logan M., age 12, from Pima County. We would like to thank everyone who participated in this year’s contest and for encouraging others to Swim Healthy!