Quite a show of teamwork from all our staff today as they moved more than 60 thousand bottles of water out of storage into a huge pile in the parking lot of 1740.  But the work wasn’t done – they loaded all that water into trucks, trailers and vans to be distributed throughout Maricopa County to the homeless and those in need.  And it came at a great time – everyone who picked up water today said they have had almost no water donations this year.

As far as the competition goes, Public Health Prevention (141 staff) did a rocking job bringing in 21.441 bottles.  Third floor will host the water whale until next year’s competition.  And since it is the first year, they get to name it!

The State Hospital (599) was close with 18.179 bottles.  Third place goes to Team Preparedness (302) with an astounding 11,094 bottles.  Licensing (184) was next with 5,913; Planning and Operations (191) collected 5,866; Behavioral Health (143) brought in 4,805.  Division folks will let you know about the jeans days – and since we met the goal of helping the community – we can all wear jeans on Monday!

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